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7 Things Part 1

In the year 2008 a young Miley Cyrus released “7 Things.” While never confirmed, the rumor is that she created this song after her breakup with Nick Jonas. Breakups inspire many people to create poems, songs, books, any literature. A recent breakup between me and my previous employer is the inspiration behind this post. Miley […]


I hesitated to use the title COVID-19. I didn’t want people to come here looking for information in regards to the coronavirus. Honestly though, if online search engines direct coronavirus searches here then it’s an entirely different problem. I wanted to take a moment and talk about how COVID-19 has personally changed my life. Lockdown […]


In my last post, I mentioned that we had been making minimum payments towards repaying our student loans and at that time it was “life of a pre-FI’er.” What the heck does that mean? FI is short for financial independence. Some pronounce it F-I or as one word that rhymes with pie, which is my […]